Sennen Beach, Cornwall
An offshore wind flicks back the spray of the crashing waves, you can smell the clear ocean air!
Cornwall in Bloom
Cornwall, particularly West Cornwall, has the mildest winters and has the earliest spring in the country, here the daffodil bring early colour and hope for the year.
Longships' Lighthouse, Cornwall
A massive wave explodes over the lighthouse, making a dramatic image.
'Feeding Frenzy', Mounts Bay, Cornwa
A rare occurrence when crashing storm waves expose a feast of food for sea birds.
Sennen Cove, Cornwall
A wave slides along the breakwater, as the sun shines on the stones.
Penzance Harbour, Cornwall
Early morning, calm water and the start of the day.
Lizard Peninsular Cove, Cornwall
Uniquely coloured boulders and pebbles feature in this secluded cove.
Nanjizal Bay, Cornwall
One of the most beautiful bays in the world!
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