Christmas Cards & Gifts

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Looking for more of a personal Christmas Card or gift?


I now have a selection of cards with Christmas greetings on the image as well as Santa and his sleigh and star (When I've spotted them, which only adults seem to do!).


How about a festive landscape photographed in Cornwall? Snow in Cornwall is quite rare, so when it snows it's always nice to photograph the event - it may only be a 'white world' for a day or so!


'Silent Night', Truro, Cornwall
This makes a lovely Christmas card, it was cold night, just before dawn and very, very quiet - a silent night....
'Christmas Time in Truro II'
The warm colours of the light contrast with the cold night sky where Santa is a busy boy!
'Christmas Eve I', Cornwall
Another lovely Christmas card, my young son was with me and couldn't believe I managed to photograph Santa's sleigh. Obviously he wasn't watching at the time!
'Christmas Eve II', Cornwall
Similar to 'Christmas Eve I' but without the text.
'The Wrong Chimney', Tin Mine, Cornw
Santa suddenly realises he's got the wrong chimney.....
'Christmas Time in Truro I'
Truro in festive mood, the beautifully lit cathedral .... and who's that flying over the cathedral?
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